Allergens & Ingredients

We are constantly striving to ensure we give you the best service and in line with this we commit to giving you all of our allergen and ingredients information which is available on every product page. 
We also have the following code in brackets next to the item description where appropriate:

GF - Gluten Free

VN - Vegan

DF - Dairy Free

VG - Vegetarian

Our website clearly shows all the ingredients and allergens on each product page and from the main menu our full ingredient list can be found for reference. We also stamp each product stating where the ingredients and allergy info can be found. 

A full list of all of our ingredients can be found here

Peanuts - We DO stock products which are / or contain peanuts, and we also stock products which are manufactured in environments where peanuts are used. We therefore would kindly ask, please, if you have any allergies or the person you are buying for has allergies, please do contact us by calling 07725 351025.

We would prefer NOT to take any risks whatsoever and reserve the right to cancel an order if there were any ambiguity or concern. We trust you understand this! 🍬