Bundle deal 5 x individual £2.50 bags of sweets for £11 choose your own


Choose any 5 x bags of sweets of your choice. 
One type of sweet per bag (no mixed bags): cola bottles, turtles, heart throbs, rhubarb & custard, friendship rings, strawbs, cherries, jelly beans, gold bears, Haribo jelly babies, fried eggs, sour chunky Watermelon slices, sour blue babies, sour pink & blue bottles, sour blue stars, chewing nuts, toffee Bon Bon’s. Sour rainbow belts, sour apple belts, sour flat melon slices, vegan sweets, gluten free sweets, vegetarian, Pontefract cakes, liquorice allsorts, Black and white mints, salted caramel fudge, salted caramel peanut cluster, liquorice torpedoes.

Each bag contains 150gm which is about 6oz or enough for 1-2 people.

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Or let us select your surprise bags !